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Theatrical releases include: “Rabbit Hole” starring Nicole Kidman (Academy Award Nominee), "Fort Bliss" starring Michelle Monaghan, "Cold in July" (Cannes and Sundance 2014) starring Michael C. Hall, Sam Shepard and Don Johnson, “We Are What We Are” (Cannes and Sundance 2013) for TIFF Audience Award Winning Award winning Director Jim Mickle. "Cold Comes The Night" starring Bryan Cranston for Sundance Grand Jury Prize nominated Director Tze Chun, "Bottled Up" starring Melissa Leo for Sundance Grand Jury Prize nominated Director Enid Zentelis  "For Ellen" starring Paul Dano (Sundance Grand Jury Prize nominee), “Gun Hill Road” starring Esai Morales (Sundance Grand Jury Prize nominee),  “Holy Rollers” starring Jesse Eisenberg (Sundance Grand Jury Prize Nominee), “Adam” starring Hugh Dancy and Rose Byrne(Sundance Grand Jury Prize Nominee and Alfred P. Sloan Foundation Prize Winner) , “Meskada” (which they also Executive Produced) starring Nick Stahl, Rachel Nichols, Kellan Lutz and Jonathan Tucker. “An Englishman in New York” starring John Hurt, Cynthia Nixon, Jonathan Tucker, Denis O’ Hare and Swoosie Kurtz, “The Good Guy” starring Bryan Greenberg and Alexis Bledel, “The Imperialists are Still Alive!” starring Elodie Bouchez (Sundance Grand Jury Prize Nominee) and TIFF Audience Award Winner “Stake Land” directed by Jim Mickle.


Sig & Steve are also the Casting Directors for the readings for the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation at the Tribeca Film Festival and the Sloan Summit.


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