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NICOLE GOMEZ FISHER (WRITER, DIRECTOR, PRODUCER) wishes to thank her amazing cast and crew for all their hard work on "Sleeping with the Fishes," which can now be seen on HBO and HBO GO. With their support Nicole received the Best New Director award at the Brooklyn Film Festival, and was named Best Director at the 2014 Imagen Awards. 


Starting out as an actress and stand-up comic, Nicole is a founding member of “The Hot Tamales Live!”, the Latina comedy tour produced by Eva Longoria and Kiki Melendez. She went on to write and perform her acclaimed one-woman show, “Mixed”, at the New York Underground Comedy Festival. 


Nicole’s latest directing projects include “The Beauty of Disaster”, a short film written by Janet Stilson, and “Getting Out of My Own Way,” a music video for indie recording artist Jennifer Vazquez. Her scripts for original sitcoms, “This is My Life” and “Hotel 112” won praises at internationally recognized screenwriting competitions and her latest screenplay, “Good Egg,” is an action comedy that she compares to “Thelma & Louise” meets “Baby Mama.” 


When she’s not making up stories and telling others what to do, Nicole can be found holding hands with her husband Joe and eating gummy bears.


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