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Next up came one of Gina’s most exciting roles, to date, FILLY BROWN (Pantellion/Lionsgate). Originally, this role had been written as a spoken word artist, an area that Gina had experience, but upon meeting the directors and producers, they informed her that they were changing the part to a rapper. After an outstanding audition, in which Gina provided an impromptu rap performance, she secured the role. Gina collaborated with music producers, E Dub and Khoolaid from Silent Giant, to come up with over five original songs for the film.


Following the success of FILLY BROWN, Gina went on to star in the indie dark comedy SLEEPING WITH FISHES, written and directed by Nicole Gomez Fisher. She also stars in a supporting role in SNAP, a reunion with her FILLY BROWN director Youssef Delara, which has its world premiere at SXSW this past March. Her indie films CALIFORNIA WINTER with Ruttina Wesley and STICKY NOTES, starring Ray Liotta, are pending release.


Gina is a grand supporter of the Latino community and is actively involved with the National Hispanic Foundation for the Arts, NCLR, CHCI, NALIP and Votolatino. She lives in Los Angeles, CA. 

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